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MerMamas & Minis AquaFit (Tues 9am)

07-07-2020 - 08-11-2020
MerMamas & Minis AquaFit    (Tues 9am)

Six-60 min sessions. 

Social + Educate +Exercise


You are encouraged to come early before class to socialize with other caregivers in our gathering/nursing area.

 This class improves the fitness level of the caregiver while the tot plays in a safe and sturdy baby

boat, or in the adult's arms, in the water. Classes emphasize enjoyable interaction between the Tot and the exercising adult and includes an educational health topic for the caregiver. This is a great class for the post-natal mom or caregiver who desires therapeutic assistance with post-natal recovery. Also safe for prenatal moms and caregivers while meeting some new friends in this social, fun and supportive class.

We are no longer accepting registration for this event