Who are we?  Our staff is a beautifully fun mixture of land and aquatic professionals including:  Teachers, Recreation Therapists, Aquatic Therapists, Lifeguards and overall swim enthusiests.  For more information on each of these types of programs, please contact Nicole M. Scherbarth, CTRS/ATRIC, owner of RAW Therapy, LLC and director of S3 Aquatics Program at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nicole Scherbarth

Program Creator and Director, MerMamas & Minis Therapeutic InstructorSports Teams AquaTrainerAquatic Therapist

 Ms. Nicole is a Recreational & Aquatic Therapist, boymom and lover of all things Montessori.  In 2016,  she began to ponder about her (4) boys' water safety and swim competency.  Fear set in thinking about them soon swimming without her.  

Will they RECOGNIZE an unsafe water situation before they get into the water? Would they SURVIVE a water incident?  Would they be able to properly REACT in a water emergency?  

She then began thinking about all the kids and adults who have been "missed" from traditional swim lessons.  In therapy, she takes an individualized approach to care.  Why not use that same model in swim lessons?  Montessori methodology is a perfect way to foster individual learning styles with a curriculum that can truly measure mastery of swim skills and safety.

S3 was inspired out of fear, created out of love and designed for ALL.  She doesn't worry about her boys' water safety and swim skills anymore.  Please let us give you the same peace of mind while you give your child (or yourself) the lifelong gift of swim lessons.

Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Industry Certified, American Red Cross Lifeguard, Swim Teacher (ARC trained), Certified Aquatot by AQX, Aquastretch  provider, Ai Chi Certified, Chronic Pain in Aquatics Certified




Joan Stauffer
Program Manager, MerKids Clinic Coach, Aquatic Therapist

Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Industry Certified, American Red Cross Lifeguard, Swim Teacher, Adapted Kayak Instructor

Ms. Joan graduated April 2012 from EMU with a bachelors in Recreational Therapy. She is the Program Manager of S3 Aquatics program and is certified as an Recreational and Aquatic Therapist and lifeguard.   Ms. Joan has been Ms. Nicole's right hand woman since the inaugural season of 2016 training staff, lead teaching, and management of operations.  This year, our students will know her as Mermaid Gypsy Hearth in her MerKids Clinic.  Joan is also an adapted Kayak Instructor for Michigan Adaptive Sports.  


Nicole (Nikki) Delia
Curriculum Advisor , 
Lead Montessori Group Swim Teacher


Ms. Nikki graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelors in Elementary Education. She swam competitively year around from ages 5-18. In high school Nikki enjoyed teaching lessons for Rochester Community Education and Rochester Hills Tennis and Swim Club. After high school, Nikki coached for Utica Shelby Swim Club (USSC), Lifetime Fitness (Rochester), and Eisenhower Girls Varsity Swim Team. Nikki has worked with children and adults ages 4-50 with a variety of swimming abilities. She has taught private, small and large group lessons assisting in the education of water safety and proper stroke techniques. Nikki is excited to implement her Montessori knowledge to the S3 Aquatics Program. 

NAMC (Montessori) Certified Teacher, American Red Cross Lifeguard, Swim Teacher, Montessori Swim Coach

Isaiah Cassell Mahr
Assistant Teacher / Lifeguard

Isaiah is a sophomore at Royal Oak High School.  He is a student-athlete playing basketball and discus thrower for the Ravens.  He started out as a volunteer jr. teacher in the 2016 inaugural season and is now the assistant teacher for the early elementary ages.  He became a lifeguard for the American Red Cross in 2018.  

Charlie Garbowski
Assistant Teacher / Lifeguard

Charlie is a sophomore at Royal Oak High School.  He is a 3 sport athlete and plays football, basketball and runs track for the Ravens.  Charlie started out at a non-swimmer in 2016 and quickly progressed through the Montessori swim levels in two seasons.  He became a volunteer junior teacher in 2017 and an assistant teacher for the Lower Elementary classes as well as a lifeguard.  If he wasn't a ball player, he would be quite a competitive swimmer.