Proud to be a USA Swimming Foundation Make a Splash Local Partner

A note from our Program Director, Nicole Scherbarth:

Hi Families,

Hope you are having an amazing school year. I love going inside the school to see your children's smiling faces. It always makes my day.

Summer is around the corner. Some of you been asking the deets for the summer program. Our summer program will be occurring at Warren Woods Towers High School
Tues and Thursdays starting 6/25/19-8/8/19

Here's a little snapshot about what is new this year:

  • We became a local partner with the USA Swimming Make-a-Splash initiative. USA Swimming Make A Splash Parent Resources There's so many resources here. Check it out.
  • We have become an official partner with Four Corners Montessori Academy this summer.
  • This summer we will be debuting our "MerMamas and Minis AquaFit" (ages 6-24 months) class as well as our dynamically designed and fantastically fun "MerKids Clinic" run by our Aqua Joanie aka: Mermaid Gypsy Hearth.
  • For our advanced students, we will continue our "Montessori MasterClass" who want to explore pre-swim competition and lifeguarding. We will also be debuting our "Navy Seals Jr.-Land & Sea Bootcamp" for our middle school and high school students who enjoy taking on physical challenges.
  • We will be debuting our rotating curriculum. In true Montessori fashion, Montessori has an odd and even year curriculum. This year we will keep our tenets of swim safety, swim skills and social play, but our focus will be on swim and water skills practical life allowing our students to explore water sports and activities.
  • Our Community and Family Special event will be "Family Olympics".
  • Ms. Nikki Delia will be back this summer as our Montessori Curriculum Consultant and Lead Teacher. She is so talented in both areas (I know, she was also my son's Montessori school teacher).

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I am in the pool quite a bit. So my cell phone number below is available for quick text responses. I will respond when I am not with my Aquatic or Recreational Therapy Clients.

Looking forward to another fun summer with your family. Thanks for your support.


Ms. Nicole

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Our mission is to enable every student the opportunity to learn safe swimming skills that prepare them for the invaluable lifetime gift of fun and good health in the water. We believe in an Montessori educational approach with a therapeutic twist, that emphasizes independence, freedom within limits and respect to a student's natural development, as well as support for promoting positive peer support and development.

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