AquaFit Babies is a postnatal exercise class designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for caregivers and babies to exercise and socially connect. This course is new to the Unities States and is taught by a dual certified Recreation and Aquatic Therapist.

Weekly educational topics are discussed to increase the health and safety of the caregiver/baby team. Exercise adaptations are offered for postnatal moms, while exercises are also safe for prenatal moms. AquaFit Babies is open to parents, relatives or other caregivers who wish to participate in the session with their sweet baby.

Older siblings may enjoy the benefits of the S3 Montessori Aquatics Program. Conveniently offered during the AquaFit Babies sessions, children will learn about swim safety and skills, using Montessori methodology. Click here for more information about the S3 Montessori Program.

  • 5 min-Check in at Classroom station and obtain work plans
  • 20 min-Dry land water safety lesso
  • 2 min-transition to pool for swim skills lessons
  • 30 min-Swim stations
  • 3 min-transition to Classroom station, recap session and turn in workcards

“Stay & Play” add on option

  • 20 min-pool game led by Recreation Therapist
  • 10 min-freeplay